How to Get A Top YouTube Video Ranking 

By  Dave

Tips For Getting a Top YouTube Video Ranking

Uploading videos to YouTube is a great way to reach your target audience. If you're marketing anything, whether online or offline, and you're not using YouTube videos, you're losing out on a lot of money. But simply submitting your videos is not enough to see long term results, you also need to work on getting a top YouTube video ranking for your target keywords.

The first factor to consider when trying to get a top YouTube video ranking is the video itself.  You want to create a video that is both entertaining and provides value to your target audience. YouTube rewards both the number of views you get and the number of viewers who watch to the very end.

Video about getting top YouTube video rankings:

This doesn't mean you should buy views. You shouldn't or you should be prepared to incur the wrath of YouTube.

The next major factor is your “on-page SEO.” Make sure your keyword appears early in your title and several times in your description. (No keyword stuffing in either place.) You should also use as much of the allowed space in your description as possible. Adding time stamps and tags will also help your ranking, including your ranking for secondary keywords.

Before you even start to upload videos, you need to make sure your channel is ready to go. You want your channel page to look good and to include a brief welcome video to let visitors know what the channel is about. If possible, your YouTube channel should look like an extension of your main website.

One key to obtaining a high rank for your keyword-targeted videos is the number of backlinks each video has. So work to generate targeted backlinks to your videos from sites related to the topic of your video. This doesn't mean you go out there and start spamming; it's more about making your video important and significant in the niche you're targeting. While you still need to optimize your videos for your primary keywords, having incoming links gives you a better chance of beating your competition.

You should also be sure to use the video response feature on Facebook and comment on other popular videos in your particular niche. Doing this is a great way to get your videos noticed which helps increase their chances of being ranked well. You can find tons of videos on YouTube that regularly get large numbers of views. Make sure your video comments make sense and are relevant. Clearly state your point and give support or give constructive criticism about the video. You present yourself as an expert in your niche when you make comments that get liked by other viewers.

Lastly, to increase your videos rank, you need to be patient and consistent in your approach. Just as with any other content marketing strategy, there is no magic pill that will instantly give you success with your videos on YouTube. Your ranking will grow over time as you work hard to build your reputation. This is just like regular search engine optimization, nothing will happen overnight. You need a plan to work from so you can take regular actions and get consistent results. You should focus on every method to get your video in front of your target audience. Whenever you create a new video, send it to your channel subscribers, for example. Another option is to create a relationship with people who have commented on other similar videos. The more sources you have for promoting your videos, the better off you are.

As you can see, YouTube is a great way to distribute your videos so hundreds of interested people can see them. Applying the above tips, you'll see getting your Youtube video ranking isn't that big a deal. Keep these simple things in mind and don't skip any steps.

But in the event you really want to get your get Youtube video ranking high and dominating the search engines, you might have to promote your video the same as you'd any other net page or blog post – you must syndicate get a large number of other internet sites, article directories and social media internet sites to link back for your video url. Think backlinks, backlinks and more backlinks for your video page.

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