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May 2, 2015

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

TIP! Add a button that shares your blog posts on Facebook to each of your blog entries. Readers can quickly click and share the post with members of their network.

Using social media is a great way to interact with customers. Other marketing strategies can have real costs if they fail, but using social media to grow your business is easy and affordable.

It's also a great way to be responsive to your customers. If you post something your target audience doesn't like, you can fix it quickly and gain positive points just for doing that!

When you use the information laid out here, you'll find how effective it using social media to grow your business can be in attracting even more traffic and customers to your business.

Your Social Media Presence

TIP! Use Youtube videos to help attract potential customers to your site. Millions of people are on YouTube each hour of every day, this can potentially attract millions of people towards you so it's never a bad idea to market on YouTube.

Create a new post on each of your social media sites at frequent and regular intervals. When you have new information and your visitors are expecting new content, they will often come by to see what you have up. Therefore, keep consistency in mind to help drive return visits.

Answer any questions your followers ask and respond to comments they make to engage them in conversation. Thank anyone who mentions your company, and let them know you appreciate their patronage. This will build a bond between your company and your customers. This will show your customers that you're a real human answering their questions, which will build rapport with them.

Use links to tie your various social media sites together. Your blog should have buttons that let your readers instantly follow your Twitter feed, “like” your Facebook content, “+1” your Google+ account, and watch your YouTube videos. Your Twitter profile should link back to your Facebook profile and blog. These links will help you reach out to a wider audience and the same people will be exposed to your content more than once.

Your online storefront can become easier for your customers to use with effective social media tie-ins. Your main website is the most important, of course, but it is possible to set up a Facebook store that can be visited from any post on your account. This makes it easy for avid Facebook users to find your site as they navigate Facebook, and and enable them to buy your product on the spot. By doing this, the user will happily stay within Facebook, and you are not trying to wrestle their attention away from there.

TIP! You should always answer each and every comment posted to your Facebook page. This should even be done for bad comments.

If you're serious about using social media to grow your business, you'll want to give your potential clients or customers a way to subscribe to each of your social media sites. The majority of Internet users make good use of social media sites daily. It only makes sense to set up your website so that Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook users can connect with you easily and see all your comments.

It is crucial to reply to comments and reviews as soon as possible, and with a professional tone. Responding to feedback can create a resounding success if you do it, and an abject failure if you don't, so it's critical that you stay on top of this. It is very important to communicate regarding any reviews, especially if they are negative.

If you don't respond, negative posts will take on a life of their own. You can actually use them to your advantage if you address the concerns promptly, and alleviate doubts in a thorough way.

Using social media to grow your business will become much easier once you have developed a strong presence on these sites. Getting the most from your media strategy boils down to choosing the most appropriate social networks to accomplish what you want to achieve. After that, you only need to watch, learn and react while collecting the profits.

Of course, you can accelerate your learning curve by taking advantage of information from people who have already been successful using social media to build their own businesses.  One great resource is the training platform provided by My Lead System Pro.  Check them out and grab a copy of their free ebook on how to instantly build your brand, get leads, and make sales on Facebook.


Dave Strayer
Skype: dcstrayer

P.S. – If your upline doesn't have a step-by-step plan for your success, you need to check this out now!

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