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December 27, 2011

The Empower Network: My Personal Reasons for Joining

Not long ago, I made what has proven to be a fantastic decision and became a member of the Empower Network. Although I've only been a member for a few weeks, I am still stunned at the value I have received.

Here is what I saw when I looked at this program:

Empower Network=> A Platform for Everyone

Whether you want a blog just to share information about your hobby with others or are interested in establishing a blog as the focal point of your internet empire, the Empower Network has a place for you.  And you can get started immediately without knowing the first thing about domain names, hosting accounts, autoresponders, widgets, plug-ins, ad nauseum.

=> 100% Commissions

As an affiliate program, it's hard to beat the Empower Network.  While most affiliate programs pay 20 to 50% and make you wait for weeks or months to get your money, the Empower Network pays 100% commissions direct into your bank account at the time of the sale.  That means all you have to do is get just one person to join at the same level you did and your membership costs are covered.

=> A Turnkey Blogging Platform

The Empower Network comes with a turnkey blogging system that has all of the advantages of the popular online blogs with none of the disadvantages.  You can easily start blogging the day you join the Empower Network and, unlike the free blogging systems out there, you can actually get your articles ranked by the popular search engines.  Most importantly to me, you don't have to worry that some huge internet conglomerate is going to delete your articles because they don't like what you say or the business model you adopt.

And, the bonus is that your blog comes complete with banner ads that will drive your visitors into your Empower  Network sales funnel, so you don't have to worry about setting up an Adsense account or finding other ways to monetize your blog.  It's part of the package.

=> Amazing Training

Some of the best and brightest internet marketers are members of the Empower Network and they are contributing to the development of the training programs that are offered to its members.  Every training product teaches you how to go from total newbie to accomplished internet marketer with strategies and techniques that not only work but that work fast to help you develop a potentially substantial income from your blog.

=> Exclusive Team Training

The final benefit that made this a no-brainer for me is the additional training offered exclusively to members of our team. Our training covers everything from the details of finding keywords for your blog to optimizing your articles for search engine placement. Other business strategies such as ezine marketing and when and how to outsource parts of your business are also covered.  Our team places a priority on making sure you are taking full advantage of the training offered within the Empower Network and is dedicated to providing the supplemental information that our experience has shown can accelerate your success.

Interested? Just click the following link to get the more information about the Empower Network. You should also subscribe to my no-obligation “7-Day Internet Network Marketing Bootcamp” for valuable information on strategies and tactics that you can begin implementing today to explode your business. To subscribe, just fill out the simple form at the top of this page.


Dave Strayer
Skype: dcstrayer

P.S. – If your upline doesn't have a step-by-step plan for your success, you need to check this out now!

Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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The Empower Network: My Personal Reasons for Joining


Dave Strayer is a full-time Internet and Affiliate marketer and coach. Contact him for further information about the information in this post or to discuss how he can help you learn, internalize, and get maximum benefit from the skills, beliefs, and behaviors that you must have to succeed online.

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