September 8, 2015

MLSP Mastery

MLSP Mastery

Whether you're looking for a great affiliate program, a lead generation system, a funded proposal, or an effective Internet marketing training platform, you should at least take a look at My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and the Mastery membership option in particular. Here's why:

Affiliate Program

mlsp masteryIn today's economy, it makes sense to build a business based on multiple streams of income. MLSP offers a number of products that you can promote and receive an affiliate commission when someone purchases one of those product from you. In general, affiliate commissions are consistent with those paid through other affiliate platforms such as Click Bank and JVZoo. However, at the MLSP Mastery level, certain of their product pay 100% commissions (excluding a small processing fee comparable to what you would pay to have your own merchant account for payment processing).

An interesting and potentially lucrative feature of the MLSP affiliate program is that, once a purchaser is linked to you, they remain linked for life. That means that you get credit for all of their future purchases even if they bought as the result of, for example, a webinar presentation or product launch by one of the MLSP leaders. It also means you don't have to worry about other affiliates stealing your leads the way you might with other affiliate marketing programs.

Lead Generation

MLSP is also a high performance lead generation system. You can promote all of the MLSP platforms to entrepreneurs in any niche. Although initially designed to appeal to network marketers, Internet and affiliate marketers soon realized the benefits of MLSP, which also appeal to other small and mlsp masteryhome business entrepreneurs. By promoting MLSP, you can create what amounts to your own continuity program as you receive commissions from the membership fees paid by your members.

You can also capture contact information from each of your prospects and customers and use MLSP to build your list for future promotions. MLSP even provides a mechanism for presenting your “primary business” to your members and prospects. (I put “primary business” in quotes because you may well decide to make MLSP your primary business!)

Again, joining at the MLSP Mastery level has advantages. Since this is the top membership option, the cost of membership (and therefore your commissions) are higher.

Funded Proposal

ID-100291225No matter how good you are at converting leads into sales, it's likely that 97% of the prospects you attract will never buy from you. However, particularly with the MLSP Mastery membership and 100% commissions, you will be able to generate income from a number of those through the sale of MLSP products and memberships. The income you receive will help offset your marketing costs and let you expand your marketing over time.

Training Platform

MLSP offers a structured program for teaching lead generation strategies and tactics to its members. There are also a number of regular training webinars scheduled throughout the week. If you follow the training, you can be generating your own leads within a matter of days and, ultimately, learn to effectively implement a variety of lead generation strategies. MLSP leaders keep track of and provide training on the strategies that they're actually using to generate their own leads.

Other Advantages of MLSP Mastery Membership

In addition to the above, becoming an MLSP Mastery member also offers a number of other useful tools to support your business. By including these as part of your membership, you can actually save money by not having to pay a third party provider for these same tools. Just two of these will likely save you more than the cost of your membership.

  • Customer Relations Manager. MLSP provides a CRM tool for which you could expect to pay at least $100/month if purchased from a thrid party. If you've never used a CRM system, you may be surprised at how they help you track your customer (and prospect) interaction as you plan your day.  As they say, the fortune is in the follow up.
  • Funnelizer. The Funnelizer is also free to “MLSP Mastery” members and replaces other funnel systems which easily cost on the order of $65/month. You can create a complete sales funnel from Lead Capture Page, through Sales Page, Order Page, and Upsells or One-Time Offers in a matter of minutes. All of the templates are based on highly converting pages already used by MLSP and their top earners.

Is An MLSP Mastery Membership Right For You?

It's hard sometimes to know whether a resource like MLSP is right for you and, if so, which membership level is best suited to your needs. A great way to make that evaluation is to take advantage of the MLSP Mastery trial membership. Get in, kick the tires, compare Mastery to University (the other current membership level), and see which makes the most sense for you.


Dave Strayer
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