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January 4, 2010

MLM Website: Is Your MLM Website Costing You Money?

Every MLM distributor seems to know intuitively that having an internet presence is key to building a successful business.  However, all too often distributors new to the industry have rushed in, followed the path of least resistance, and are using websites that are actually costing them money.  Avoiding those common mistakes is the first critical step to finding success in internet network marketing.

Custom Versus Self-Replicating Websites

Some people will tell you to avoid self-replicating or duplicated websites at all costs.  I'm not one of them.  They do have their place, but it's limited.  They're fine for educating your prospects (once you've found them) and training your downline, but they fail as lead generation and conversion sites.

I suggest you avoid the company provided lead generation websites.  First, they are either content free (generating their pages by code) or the content is duplicated verbatim across site after site.  That creates a couple of challenges.  First, the search engines don't like sites without content.  That means you won't get any organic traffic to your site.  Paid traffic is also problematic.  First, your site won't score any better as far as quality and relevancy than the same site being used by tens of  thousands of other distributors.  That means if you're doing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, you'll have to pay more just to get traffic to your site.

The MLM industry is just too competitive to pay more than you have to for leads.  So, for lead generation, you'll want your own custom site.

DIY or Web Design Services

Should you attempt to create your own MLM website or hire someone to do it for you?  That sort of depends on what type of site you're looking for and how skilled you are with HTML editors, FTP clients and the like.

Anyone can quickly learn to put up a simple lead capture page, but a large, multi-page authority site might seem a bit more daunting.  Here again, there are services that will provide the template and let you create your own custom content.  A quick and relatively simple way to start is with a blog on one of the free blog sites.  Just don't plan to use it indefinitely.

Whichever way you go, I encourage you to learn enough of the basics of HTML to be able to do simple updates of your own sites.  You don't want to have to wait weeks or even days to update your lead capture page to make it more relevant for a new keyword when you could otherwise have had your new PPC campaign up and running in a matter of minutes.


You want your website(s) to score well with the search engines but, just as important, be readable by your prospects.  Lots of strange colors and font characteristics only distract the reader and don't add to the quality of the information.  And they just don't look professional.

Movies, fancy flash effects, and the like can also significantly increase the amount of time it takes your page to load.  I'd say avoid them other than maybe a short video now and then.

Focus on developing a clean, professional looking site with lots of relevant, high quality content and you'll be off to a good start.  And your MLM website won't be costing you money through either the website fee most companies charge or through more expensive lead costs.

For more information on using your MLM website to grow your network marketing business, read the information and follow the instructions below:

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Dave Strayer
Skype: dcstrayer

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