November 26, 2015

MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting – Insider Techniques

Ask anyone who is successful in network marketing and they'll tell you that they concentrate on and focus between 80 and 90 of their time on recruiting. You must do the same if you want to obtain financial liberty. Recruiting and sponsoring are the skills that all of the all heavy hitters used to make their money

Your company's products could be the most amazing things ever invented; but, if all you do is pitch the product and get one sale per customer, you're not a multilevel marketer, you're a commissioned salesperson selling low-cost, low-commission products.

mlm recruitingIf you concentrate instead on effective MLM recruiting strategies and train your new distributors to do the same, you'll find yourself able to earn a commission from a lot of people each doing a tiny bit. It's called leverage and it's the real advantage of the MLM business model.

Maybe you alone can sell six products a month. You might be able to leverage the efforts of your team to sell 1,000.  Each person getting their own commission and you getting an override on every sale.

The Numbers Involved in MLM Recruiting

Take a close, hard look at the business of any 6- or 7-figure earner and you may be stunned to find out most of their money is made from the efforts of less than a six top producers.

Not hundreds. A small handful.  And, the probabilities are they didn't personally sponsor most of them.

As with any other career, a lot of network marketers will never rise higher than a few rungs on the ladder. At least 70% of new recruits will be gone or totally inactive within ninety days. Why? There are numerous reasons, none of which matter as far as your MLM recruiting strategies go. It's just the name of the game. Of the 30% left over, 27% will generally make enough each month that they stay in while only 3% will go on to be top producers.

Those 3% will become the hard hitter megastars. So if you want to become a top producer with six other top producers in your downline, you should be prepared to personally sponsor at least 100 distributors.  Seventy will quit and 30 will hang around.  Statistically, you could expect to end up with  3 producers in that mix.  That will get the ball rolling and others on your team will also begin to sponsor new team members, some of whom will also turn out to be big hitters.

It's a numbers game like anything in business , the thing to do is anticipate recruiting those few who will make you the majority of your revenue.

Here's the truth that “they” don't tell you.  Everyone dreams of recruiting a heavy hitter and then kicking back and watching their business (and their paycheck) explode.  The bad news is that, until you're a heavy hitter yourself, other top earners won't be attracted to you.  So, top earners have to be grown, not discovered.  (OK, it happens but not often enough to make it your recruiting strategy.)

Successful MLM Recruiting

To personally sponsor one hundred new team members you may have to present your business to well over one thousand prospects. Perhaps more.

So you need to figure out how to generate a steady stream of new prospects to whom you can present your opportunity.

The obvious question is how are you going to do this?

There isn't any set way of going about MLM recruiting, some techniques work better for some but not for others. Regardless of the specifics, you'll want a sales funnel that automates the sorting and presenting for you.  Then, all you have to do is drive traffic to that funnel.  (Hint: You can drive mlm recruitingmore traffic faster via the Internet than you can using offline techniques.)

An automated funnel frees you to spend your time on the most critical part of the MLM recruiting process, following up with those who have expressed their interest.

Online lead generation systems are one of the speediest, most straightforward paths to accomplishing this.

You simply set up the system and “attract” those people who are looking to make a change.

Part of your MLM recruiting strategy should be to share what works with your downline.

So what you really need is a lead generation system that your team can also use and that provides training on various lead generation strategies, the entrepreneurial mindset, and the full range of other topics that it takes to be successful.

Here's one such system that is used by many top earners. Take advantage now of the risk-free trial period and, if you like what you see, ask me about our current team bonuses. Check it out now.


Dave Strayer
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