January 9, 2016

Lead Generation Process

Lead Generation Process Strategies

Most people find the entire lead generation process to be overwhelming, time-consuming, and fraught with issues. In reality, the lead generation process can be quite simple if you first understand some basic principles.

 All Leads Are Not Created Equal

Your lead generation process should not target everyone. What you want are highly-targeted, qualified leads that have or are likely to have an active interest in your product, service or opportunity, either now or in the future.

In the corporate world, some companies keep their lead generation and sales departments separate. So some other person could have the job of generating leads and get paid for volume. To keep their numbers up, they will produce any type of lead and pass them on to you. Some could be qualified, some might not be qualified. Their number stay up while yours drop.

lead generation processYou may face a similar situation when purchasing leads for your network or affiliate marketing business.

As a network marketer, your income relies on commissions from your personal sales and overrides on your team sales.  Wasting time with unqualified leads reduces your commissions and slows the growth of your team.

The key is to create a lead generation process that does not have you competing with yourself. And the easiest way to do that is to learn to generate your own leads.

Ideally, you want to be able to generate more qualified leads than you can handle.  You want lead prosperity, not lead poverty.

Proven Lead Generation Process

People like to conduct business with those they know, so learning to brand yourself is incredibly important. People are far more likely to buy from someone they know and trust. And, people buy from people, not companies. Do not include your current company in your brand. You might want or need to switch companies at some point. If you're branded to the old company, all of your past effort will be lost.

But let's back up for a moment. Before you even begin to outline your lead generation process, you need to be get very clear and very specific in identifying your ideal prospect (your client avatar).  Here are some questions inspired by marketing legend Dan Kennedy that will help:

  1. What are the biggest frustrations experienced by your ideal customer?
  2. What is the biggest problem your ideal customer that you can solve?
  3. What makes him/ her most angry about the subject?
  4. What do they secretly fantasize about?
  5. What are the common language patterns, stories and rationalizations (excuses) that the customer uses to explain his/ her problem?
  6. What fears keep them up at night?
  7. Are the fears real or imagined fantasies?
  8. Why would they seek out a solution to their problem?
  9. What ideal result(s) would they want should their problem be solved?

Once you've identified your ideal customer avatar, you need to design a lead generation process that attracts them to you and your marketing hub lead generation process(which should probably be your blog). You can do this via the principles of attraction marketing through which you position yourself as an authority in addressing the issues you identified above and providing valuable resources and information.

The challenge is that learning to do all of this can take a lot of time and effort. One great shortcut is to plug into an existing lead generation process that also has all the tools and training you need to become a successful attraction marketer beginning on Day 1.

If a solid lead generation process is what's lacking in your business, check out this free 19-minute video that reveals the five things that all 6+ figure earners do daily to get leads, enroll reps, and even make money from the 90% of your leads who will never join your business!


Dave Strayer
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