January 4, 2016

Lead Generation Ideas

Killer Lead Generation Ideas

Getting a regular supply of useless leads is easy. But what you really want is a consistent supply of qualified, high-quality leads. That's a bit trickier.

lead generation ideasReferrals

A great way to generate leads is by referrals from happy customers.  Not only are these free leads, but testimonials and referrals from people who have already done business with you provides great social proof.

Banner Swaps

If you are selling B2B, get to know owners or representatives from similar or complementary businesses. For example, if you sell computer software, get to know the reps that sell computer hardware.

An online advertising swap is another of the great lead generation ideas. You could swap banners with other businesses that are related to yours but which are not rivals. Just place one of their banners on your website and they do the same for you. Try to find companies with websites that have high page rankings because they get the maximum traffic.

If you are not quite up there in the rankings yet, you might have to set your sights a little lower. All you've got to do is take a minute or two to write an email proposing a banner swap. The time spent could bring surprising results.

Cold Calling

Everyone hates cold calling, but it may be one of the longest-lived lead generation ideas.  Not only is it better than sitting around doing nothing, you'll at least get your company name into one or two ears! Get into the practice of making about ten to fifteen cold calls a day, that is sixty to ninety per week, so you need to have a steady supply of leads.


Promoting your business at tradeshows is an excellent idea for generating leads. Of course the tradeshow must be relevant to your business. The downside is that tradeshows can be extremely costly. You will, at a minimum, have expenses related to obtaining a supply of promotional materials. You may also have expenses related to registering for the show and any related travel or other expenses. Plus, you need to be persuasive in dealing with people to make the results from the tradeshow worthwhile.

Internet Lead Generation Ideas

In today's market, online lead generation is definitely the way to go.  You can reach more people faster and at lower costs than you can using offline lead generation ideaslead generation ideas.  There are a number of ways to generate leads online, some are free, some aren't.  However you choose to generate leads online, your goal should be to drive prospects to your email list.  An sales funnel that starts with an opt-in box on a lead capture page on your website is probably the most popular way of doing this.

In order to generate enough highly-targeted leads, your web page must be on the front page of Google for keywords that your ideal prospects are likely to use in their searches.  Anything other than page one, and your content is unlikely to be seen.  It also doesn't matter how many pages you have on the first page if the keywords aren't being searched for by your prospects.  It doesn't do any good to rank for “best beauty tips” if your prospects want to know “how to make money blogging.”

So, it all starts with keyword research.

After you identify the right keywords, getting the rankings you need is actually fairly easy. That is, it's easy after you untangle the jargon of search engine optimization (SEO) and learn to stay current on the algorithms the various search engines use to rank sites.  Basically, it just a matter of providing the right content (on-page optimization) and then getting the right links and social signals to your content (off-page optimization).

Lead Generation Systems

There are dozens more lead generation ideas out there. Ultimately, what you need is an established and proven lead generation system that thousands of other marketers use daily. There are several systems out there that say they can assist you with lead generation. Obviously, some are better than others.  Ideally, you want to use the best, most effective lead generation system available today.


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