How to Make Money Blogging 

By  Dave

How to Make Money with a Blog

Creating a supplemental (or even a full-time) blogging income is a goal many people share. The idea that you can work on your own schedule from home, writing about something that interests, even inspires you, has massive appeal. If you've always wondered how to make money blogging, the tips, tricks, and insider secrets in this article will help point you in the right direction.

Can You Make Money Blogging?

make money bloggingUnfortunately, the majority of people who start blogging for profit never reach their goals. There are three primary reasons to their lack of success:

  1. First, many new bloggers underestimate the amount of time and effort required to become a successful blogger. They are neither consistent nor persistent in their blogging efforts. When they fail to get immediate results, they become disappointed and quit.
  2. Second, many bloggers fall short of success because they don't have a plan for attracting the right traffic to their blog or for monetizing that traffic with their blog content.
  3. Finally, too many bloggers ignore the importance of building a list. Without a list, making a sale from your blog is a random event. With a list, you can develop a systematic monetization strategy. The saying that the money is in your list is true.

If you accept that blogging is a longer-term strategy and learn to post on purpose for profit, you will soon be able to answer “Yes” to the question of whether you can make money blogging!

Making Money Blogging

The key to having a blog that makes money is in developing a large readership. Although there are many ways to monetize your blog, you need a reliable flow of traffic to your site to make a meaningful level of income from any of them.

To develop a following, you first have to pick a topic (or a few closely related topics) for your blog and then identify the pool of people interested in that topic. The next step is to figure out what information they need that you can provide in your blog posts. After that, you need to actually write the posts or have them written for you. Finally, you need to decide how you will market your blog to your chosen audience.

It's not enough to write engaging content that is both informative and entertaining. Today, you must also effective ways to promote your individual blog posts with the goal of continually increasing your readership.

Posting on Purpose

It should be obvious that even the best blog post has no value if no one ever sees it. Instead, you have to focus both on content creating and on marketing your content.

Posting new content consistently on a regular basis is important. However, especially when first starting, it is better to go with a less frequent schedule (maybe three times a week instead of daily). Focus on delivering quality, targeted content and then use the rest of your time promoting that content.

One way to do that is to post on purpose. Before you begin writing decide whether the purpose is to increase the traffic to your blog, to generate more leads for your business (i.e., to grow your list), to increase your income, or some combination. Here's my favorite resource for more information on how to make money from a blog by posting on purpose.

Using Keyword Research to Blog for Money

There are numerous advantages to using keyword research to help identify the posts you should be creating and in what order.

If you just start writing based on what you think your audience wants, you may or may not be right. Or you may pick a topic in which there is only make money bloggingminimal interest. You can avoid this by starting the process with keyword research.

Keyword research will allow you to generate a list of topics that your readers are searching for on the Internet and will tell you how many searches each topic gets on a monthly basis. By ordering those results based on search volume and using that list to write your posts, you will always be delivering the most sought-after content.

You will also begin to generate free traffic to your blog as you learn to rank your posts in the search engine results.

Taking the time to market your blog can mean the different between success and failure.


Obviously, there is a lot to learning how to make money blogging. To accelerate your results, why not start with a blogging platform that eliminates the need to be a technical wizard and comes with great training so you, too, can get paid to blog?


Dave Strayer is a full-time Internet and Affiliate marketer and coach. Contact him for further information about the information in this post or to discuss how he can help you learn, internalize, and get maximum benefit from the skills, beliefs, and behaviors that you must have to succeed online.

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