January 7, 2016

Free MLM Lead Generation

Why Free MLM Lead Generation is Important

It takes a lot of planning to survive the initial stages of setting up a business and doing so can often be quite a complex affair. Even after setting up everything perfectly, there remain a number of important considerations that may influence the success of your business. Perhaps the most important of these is designing and implementing a marketing plan that will effectively deliver a steady flow of prospects in order to sustain and grow your business. It is in these early stages of your business that free MLM lead generation becomes invaluable.

Attracting New Customers and Distributors

free mlm lead generationGetting new customers and signing up new distributors is the most important activity for any new business owner. Without a steady flow of each, your new business will swiftly wither and die. There are many ways that new business owners search for that steady flow of new prospects.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

The Advantages of Free MLM Lead Generation Techniques

Free MLM lead generation is one sure way to improve your odds of success.  Not only are there many effective ways to generate free leads online, using free MLM lead generation methods can substantially decrease your “burn rate,” giving more time to get your business to the point that it is financially self-sustaining and then profitable.

Other kinds of promoting require expending masses of cash, but generating free leads only requires your time, a little skill, and your time. You can also pick up some inexpensive tools to speed up your results.

And, because the expenses are low, these strategies are within the reach of virtually all of your prospects. That means your entire team can be duplicating your success.  Remember, in network marketing, it's not what works that's important, it's what duplicates.

Online Lead Generation

Having your own website is critical to the most effective free MLM lead generation strategies. Gone (and good riddance!) are the days of wandering around your local shopping mall or Walmart hoping to “run into” prospects for your business.

The ready availability of low-cost technology has changed things tremendously.

With a website as your home base, there are any number of ways to generate leads and build your business at no or very low cost.  There are even strategies for marketing on social media until you have your website up and running.

You no longer need to chase your family and friends like they did in the old days. There is still an advantage to working in your warm market, the strategy just needs to be updated.  Meanwhile, the Internet has made it possible to attract a never ending number of prospects and, with a good lead generation system, you can reap the benefits.

Free MLM Leads via Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great strategy for free MLM lead generation.  You can post content on a number of places online including free article and video directories, Web 2.0 properties, and your own blog.free mlm lead generation

The Internet runs on search and the Search Engines are designed to find the most relevant web pages when a search is entered.

Your goal is to get all of the relevant searches to stop on a piece of your content.  That means that, in addition to producing entertaining and informative content for your prospects, you'll also need to learn how to optimize that content for the search engines. Don't worry, it's easier than most people make it sound.

In today's market, producing video content is no longer optional. If you're hesitant to video yourself, you should just dive in and trust that you'll get better the more videos you shoot. You can also start with one of several video types that don't require you to be in the video.

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (with Google being #1), you want your videos to appear on both.  The more videos (and other content) you rank, the more visitors you'll get to your YouTube channel and your blog.

The bad news is that there's a learning curve on how best to use free MLM lead generation strategies. You can always learn by trial and error. Unfortunately that takes a long time and you can damage your image and your standing with the search engines if you get too many of the pieces wrong.

A much better approach is to invest a small portion of the money you'll be saving in a lead generation system that can teach you all of the pieces in a logical sequence and also provides all of the tools you need to get going on Day 1.

If that approach makes sense to you, check out this free 19-minute video that reveals the 5-Step formula followed by every 6-figure earner in the industry today.



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P.S. – If your upline doesn't have a step-by-step plan for your success, you need to check this out now!

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