MLM Marketing and MLM Prospecting Tools

On this page you'll find a listing of the important MLM marketing and prospecting tools that I use on a regular — often daily — basis. In some cases, I have also listed alternatives that I have also used and found to be reliable. In those cases, I will try to tell you why I chose the option I recommend here.

Basic Internet Marketing Tools

Although it is possible to find online programs that will let you design your website, or to outsource that work, learning the fundamentals of website design and having the basic tools to do so makes life a lot easier. After all, if you want to modify your website, you want to do it now, not wait for someone else to get around to it. And you're going to want to have the flexibility that even the best of the site creation software just doesn't provide. The required tools aren't expense (and there are free alternatives for most of them) and the skills are really pretty easy to learn. So, here goes:

HTML Editor
This is just a program, hosted on your computer, that let's you layout the content on your website. Most are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) meaning you can type pretty much like you would in your favorite word processor and the program will automatically provide all of the HTML code. My favorite free HTML editor is MyFreeWebsiteBuilder. I used it for a long time and found it to be simple to learn and easy to use.

Today, I use Macromedia's Dreamweaver because it has some nice touches that you don't get with any of the free HTML editors. You don't really need them and at around $300 a copy, you might want to start with MyFreeWebsiteBuilder and use the money you save to grow your business.

FTP Client
A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program is used to upload your new website code your website. FileZilla works and is free. It's what I used to upload this webpage.

The site covers a lot of territory. GVO‘s webhosting is used by many of the top Internet Marketers. They offer several packages so you can get all of the hosting you need. All of the packages also come with unlimited email Autoresponders and Forwarders. With the Titanium Package, you also get a Free Web Conferencing System, an Easy Video Producer, and a bunch of other useful tools to help grow your business. I encourage you to look at the cost comparison on the GVO website when considering these services. GVO also provides Domain Registration services. (See below for a description of many of these services.)

Web Hosting
This is simply a place on the internet where you can store your website.
As I mentioned GVO is my provider of choice. I've also used HostGator with good results but have found GVO's web management system to be easier to use.

Domain Registration
Domain Registration is how you register the name of your website and make sure you pick a name that's not already in use. Again, GVO is my go-to resource for this. I've also used GoDaddy with good results, but I don't like their hosting. It's easier for me to have everything in one place.

These are the email systems that let you automatically send a series of emails to your list or to manually broadcast a single email to your list. An unlimited number of autoresonders is included in the GVO Titanium Package. Plus, the are also email-marketing-friendly. That is, they know folks like us send a lot of emails and that just the quantity alone doesn't mean we're spamming anyone. (Don't do that, but the way!)You can also use either Aweber or GetResponse. Both have excellent systems.

Other Cool and Useful Stuff

OK, that covers the basics. The tools listed in this section will go a long way toward increasing your productivity and should be next on your list as soon as you have the basics covered. You don't need these. You can do it all manually or you can pay to have someone else do it. But if you want to take control of the processes, automation is key.

If you're doing any article marketing at all, you'll want a copy of this software. It's as simple to use and more powerful than any other article submission software on the market. And it's fast, despite operating in a semi-automatic mode which prevents the problems often created for you and for the owners of the article directories.

I've used a couple of other keyword research tools, some free and some paid. None of them give the level of information I get from MNF. Although intended more for niche marketing that for network marketing, I find knowing the percentage of searchers who are ready to make a buying decision and the strength of competition associated with the keywords I pick. (I almost didn't share this one. I almost hope you'll ignore me so I can keep this one to myself.)


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