September 8, 2015

Attraction Marketing System

Attraction Marketing System

What is an attraction marketing system and why do you need one to succeed in network marketing?

Are you thinking about starting a network marketing business and are turned off by the idea of selling? Or maybe you already have a business but are as successful as you had hoped. In either case, a sound attraction marketing system might be the solution.

My Soapbox

Despite what you've been told, if you're in network or affiliate marketing, or thinking about it, you're in sales or are about to be.

Don't fall for the line that “we don't sell things, we just share our products or opportunity.” That ‘sharing' really is selling. Not everyone who tells you that is deliberately misrepresenting the facts just to get you to sign up. Some just don't know better or may just be parroting the party line. Still, no matter the reason, if they are not willing or able to be totally candid and transparent about this important part of our business, you have to wonder about your future in business together.

OK, enough of my rant.

Selling Systems vs Attraction Marketing Systems

So, OK, we sell stuff. But, if you're smart and find the right sponsor, you don't have to sell anything in the uncomfortable way that you might be worrying about, the way that gives salespeople a bad name. There is a better way and that way is called Attraction Marketing.

old-school salesmanTraditional sales requires finding someone who loves what you sell and agrees to buy it at your price. An good attraction marketing system has the power to twist the world of traditional marketing totally around.

Normally, if an individual wanted to sell a network marketing product to the public, that person would need to go out and find their customers. This could mean spending lots of time trudging through the streets or cold calling people you do not know. More often than not, these avenues result in lots of rejection but not many sales. It's even more difficult to persuade strangers to become a productive partner in your network marketing business.

How Attraction Marketing Systems Work

An attraction marketing system turns this around, instead of finding folks to sell to, you learn to attract people to you, make new friends and acquaintances, and just have normal conversations. If, during the course of those normal interactions, you find they have a challenge you can help them overcome through your products or business, you can then show them how you can help.

This is the ideal win-win style of marketing for anyone in the network marketing arena.

By virtually eliminating the amount of time you spend chasing new business, you increase the quantity of time you have to promote your products and attract folks to you. Plus, you are only offering your products or business opportunities to people in your warm market who have a need for what you offer

The cool thing is that the people you attract will not just be those desiring to purchase your products , they will also desire to benefit from your success and are likely to join your network marketing business.

Old techniques for getting sales ignored the face that folk love to buy things. Putting strain on your prospects by exasperating them with cold calling is the quickest way to lose a sale. Attraction marketing brings people to your door who become acquaintances and friends and are prepared to buy. All you do is provide that pre-qualified purchaser with what they want.

It is no longer about the traditional selling of products, attraction marketing is about selling you and your problem-solving abilities first. Products do not sell products, relationships sell products. With a good attraction marketing system you can become more successful quicker. Brand yourself as the most wanted part of the package and the sales follow.

No more aggressive sales strategies. Make friends, tell your story about how your business and products have helped you. People who identify with that story will seek you out.

As a network marketing professional, you need an effective attraction marketing system. There's an almost endless supply of people in the world searching for a business proposition. There are plenty more already in a business which is not working for them. These are your audience.

Remember, your goal isn't to force your stuff on anyone. You want to show them what they are missing. You do that by being the person they want to be: successful, respected, and a leader.

Getting Started in Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is very simple to implement if you have the right training, resources, and support. You can find everything you need inmlsp a proven attraction marketing system such as My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and be on the road to success within hours of putting the system to use. With MLSP you become the hunted and not the hunter so that you can efficiently build a profitable business.

And the best part is that you can check out the MLSP attraction marketing system through this risk free trial.  While you're there, be sure to check out the free video showing how an ex-waiter used this exact system to fire his boss!


Dave Strayer
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P.S. – If your upline doesn't have a step-by-step plan for your success, you need to check this out now!


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