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September 6, 2012

Attraction Marketing System – Do You Really Need One?

Attraction Marketing System – Do You Really Need One?

attraction marketingAs popular as it is to make fun of “old school” network marketing techniques, they are still the underpinnings of the most effective online techniques.  Before the Internet, network marketers relied on belly-to-belly presentations, hotel meetings, even cold calling to grow their business.  It was clear that the task at hand was to create the type of relationship with your prospect that would make them feel comfortable joining your business.

Then it was referred to as relationship marketing, today it’s called attraction marketing and there are several excellent products to choose from if you’re in the market for a “done for you” attraction marketing system.

An Attraction Marketing System Means Selling Yourself

The concept behind attraction marketing goes beyond simply establishing a good relationship with your prospects.  The idea is that, before you market your product or business, you first sell yourself as the person who can help solve your prospects’ problems.

This can be accomplished either through content marketing – providing valuable content in the form of articles, blog posts, videos, mini-blogs, email campaigns, etc. – or by tapping into a third-party attraction marketing system such as MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP).  Through platforms like MLSP, you can provide your prospects access to the valuable free training the platform offers in exchange for which they have to opt into your list.  You can then continue to provide value through a canned or custom email campaign and, hopefully, move them down your sales funnel so they ultimately join your business.

Most of the third-party attraction marketing systems also serve as a funded proposal by giving the prospects who don’t join your business the opportunity to buy other useful tools and training programs for which you receive an affiliate commission.

What to Expect from an Attraction Marketing System

By effectively marketing a good attraction marketing system, you can, in fairly short order, begin to generate 20 or more new leads every day.  This level of lead generation is generally considered the point at which you can begin to generate a job-replacing income.  But you have to beware of the false promise that you can do this without ever having to talk to your family and friends or making any outbound telephone calls.

Take a close look at the people who have built a sustainable business with reasonable retention rates.  You’ll find they all have relied on person, one-on-one communication to build their business.  I like to say you can build a network marketing business online or offline (or both), but you can’t do it without a phone.  And, if you need income sooner rather than later, talking to your warm market is definitely the way to go.  (All of this Internet stuff has at least some learning curve.)

Do you need an attraction marketing system to build your business?  Probably not.  There are still people who stick to the old school methods exclusively.  But, online system, especially one that combines the added advantage of serving as a funded proposal, can certainly be an asset.  Just make sure you have a good phone and know how to use its three-way calling function.


Dave Strayer
Skype: dcstrayer

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Dave Strayer is a full-time Internet and Affiliate marketer and coach. Contact him for further information about the information in this post or to discuss how he can help you learn, internalize, and get maximum benefit from the skills, beliefs, and behaviors that you must have to succeed online.

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