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September 19, 2015

Article Marketing Service for Traffic Generation

Article Marketing Service

Seeking an article marketing service to help generate more traffic to your website? If you are considering driving far more visitors to your internet website, blog, videos or other online properties you may wish to take into account outsourcing both content material creation and distribution to any quantity with the larger article marketing service providers. The value is twofold. One, a well written informative article will tend to attract individuals actively trying to find that kind of information now. Meaning it attracts hot prospects and potential buyers. And two, another powerful benefit to article and content distribution, although much less obvious, is it can help your original content rank higher on the search engines by automatically increasing the number of backlinks to your web site, web log, videos, or other properties.

Outsource an Article Marketing Service

article marketing serviceDespite the positive aspects, you'll find several potential challenges in relation to content marketing. For instance, you may not like, or be particularly skilled at, researching, writing and editing articles. Or, possibly, you don't have the time. Then you have to factor in the distribution component, because the goal is to get as many exclusive versions of your content material posted, published and promoted to as many directories, blogs and other Internet 2.0 properties as achievable. The wider the distribution, the higher the chance you will see a good spike in targeted traffic.

You also want to do this without running afoul of the “Google animals” and their associated potential penalties.

Article Marketing Services in a Box

Imagine the increase in traffic, leads and sales if could spread your benefit-rich message across literally every Internet platform where you prospects hang out. And what if you could accomplish this with just a few simple clicks of your mouse. Sound impossible? It's not. Enter Spin Rewriter and Spin Distribute, two related software programs that do just that.   You basically paste in a copy of your article, click distribute and sit back and let the robot go concerning the company of submitting your content all across the internet within a few brief minutes.

Prevent Duplicate Content Penalties

Most automated article spinning software programs create quite unreadable copy which does not do too much for your online reputation. What makes article marketing serviceSpin Rewriter distinct is its ability to acutally understand your text and suggest only meaningful synonyms in the spun content.  Spin Distribute can then distribute your unique content to 800+ relevant websites, generating hundreds of high-quality backlinks to your “money site.”  If you want, they'll even write and spin the articles for you, providing the ultimate in time savings and convenience.  All in all, if you are serious about using software rather of hiring an article marketing service you need to have a look at Spin Rewriter and Spin Distribute.


Dave Strayer
Skype: dcstrayer

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Dave Strayer is a full-time Internet and Affiliate marketer and coach. Contact him for further information about the information in this post or to discuss how he can help you learn, internalize, and get maximum benefit from the skills, beliefs, and behaviors that you must have to succeed online.

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