​​​​About Dave

Hi! I'm Dave Strayer. I'm a Baby Boomer (nice way to say I'm getting old) whose been working online since 2008 when I first read one of those typical "get rich while you sleep" emails from someone I knew vaguely.

At first, I blew him off but he was persistent and I was in a job I didn't really like, so I finally gave in. Since then I've transitioned from multilevel marketing, which I hated, to doing both affiliate marketing and digital marketing, helping both individuals and local business respond to the new pandemic-adapted economy.

I'm here in the hopes that by sharing my journey with you and letting you in on some of the tips, tricks, and insider secrets I've picked up along the way, you can become an overnight success in the next year or two, rather than the decade or so it's taken me. 

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