Network Marketing Gurus: 3 Simple Steps to Becoming One

Network Marketing Gurus:
3 Simple Steps to Becoming One

network marketing guruNetwork marketing gurus, joining that elite group is the goal of every networker who is trying to grow their business using attraction marketing techniques. The question is how can you join their ranks and become recognized as a network marketing guru in your own right?

Before we go on, let’s look at the definition of a guru. One definition of a guru is someone who has a high level of knowledge and authority in a specific subject area and who uses that knowledge and authority to help others.

Then the obvious answer to becoming a network marketing guru is to acquire so much knowledge about the industry and to share that knowledge while helping others so that, eventually, you will become recognized as an expert. Let’s break that down and fill in some of the pieces:

Step 1 – Acquire Practical Industry Knowledge

The key word here is “practical.” You want to acquire knowledge that you can use to advance your business and to help others do the same. The key is to never stop learning about the industry in general, the psychology of your prospects (what they want and why), internet marketing skills, personal development, your company, your competition, and a variety of other subjects.

If you’re interested in a specific niche, go for it. But you should probably start by developing a sound general foundation on which to build.

Step 2 – Brand Yourself

No fake persona here, please. And no fancy tag lines are necessary, although they can help. Be yourself, but develop a message to let everyone know who you are. It’s important for two reasons.

First, as you begin to focus on you as your business, you’ll begin to think and act more like the CEO of You, Inc. Notice how that feels in comparison to thinking of yourself as only a distributor for your company and you’ll begin to see the attractive power of the CEO mindset.

The other advantage to branding is that it will do some of the sorting for you. People are attracted to people like them. So you’ll begin to attract people to your brand while others will be attracted to someone else. And that’s a good thing since it avoids spending resources on people who are unlikely to ever join your business.

Step 3 – Help Others

The secret here is to start helping others even before they join your business. Internet marketing guru Eban Pagan calls it moving the network marketing gurufree line. Give away value with no expectation of getting anything in return.

How do you do that? Go back to Step 1. As part of becoming a network marketing guru, you’re going to become a student of the industry and will be learning a lot of different things. Share them. No matter how simple or insignificant it seems, if you just learned something new to you, it will also be new to someone else. Share it. Write about it in your blog, do a video, email your list, do a teleseminar or webinar. How you share it isn’t nearly as important as that you do.

Over time, two things will happen. First, as you become more sophisticated about your business, so will the things you have to share. But remember, there are people everywhere on the learning curve. Don’t forget the newbies. Second, you’ll begin to be recognized as an authority and one of the network marketing gurus.

And isn’t that what it was all about in the first place?

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