Law of Attraction and Attracting Positive People

Law of Attraction and Attracting Positive People

Law of Attraction and Attracting Positive PeopleYesterday, I wrote a post about the Law of Attraction and Network Marketing.  This morning I read a post from a good friend and business partner on how to avoid toxic people.  Although the suggestions in that article were spot on, I wanted to review the article from a Law of Attraction perspective.

Law of Attraction Defined

If you read my previous article, you’ll remember that, according to the Law of Attraction:

I attract into my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus; whether positive or negative.

Here’s how it works.  The thoughts you think create a feeling or emotion that’s either positive or negative.  (In this context, positive simply means it’s something you want and negative means it’s something you don’t want.)  That feeling or emotion causes you to emit or send out a corresponding vibration.  The Law of Attraction’s job is to detect that vibration and match it so that you attract more of the same.

That means that when you focus on things that you really, really want; the Law of Attraction will begin unfolding and orchestration situations and events to bring you more of the same.  It also means that when you focus on things you really, really don’t want; the Law of Attraction will also match that vibration and bring you more of what you don’t want.

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Understand Negatives

Many people make the mistake of adding things they don’t want to their goal statements.  The example here is “I don’t want to attract toxic people.”

Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction doesn’t understand the negative.  Neither, by the way, does your subconscious mind.  So, if I tell you not to think of a red stop sign, I know that you did.  You have to think of the red stop sign to make sense out of what I told you.  In that moment, you cannot help but give it your attention, energy and focus.

Mind Your Vibrations

When you say you don’t want to attract toxic people, you can’t help but give your attention to toxic people.  The same is true whenlaw of attraction you say that you want to avoid toxic people.  Although that sounds like a more positive statement, the focus is still on toxic people.

So, you say you want to avoid toxic people. In that moment, you are giving them your attention, energy and focus and the obedient Law of Attraction will match that vibration and bring you what you just said you wanted to avoid.  And then you say, “That’s not what I wanted. I’ve been saying for weeks that I want to avoid toxic people,” giving them even more attention and sending a stronger negative vibe that the Law of Attraction matches, bring you even more of the same.

You have to break the cycle.

The way to do that is to begin to focus on what you do want. Try this experiment.  Think about something that you’re experiencing that you don’t want and notice your feelings.

Next, look around the room and find three things that are the color blue.

Now think about what you do want instead of what you’re currently experiencing.  My bet is that your feelings improved and, in that moment, you were sending positive vibes for the Law of Attraction to match.

If every time you catch yourself sending a negative vibration (you’ll know because you also have a negative feeling), you gently move your attention away from what you don’t want and focus on what you do want instead, you’ll eventually form a habit.  And, the Law of Attraction will be matching your positive vibration all along the way!

So, instead of learning to avoid toxic people, learn to attract positive people!


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